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Fund Management

In this field we have a series of companies specialised in the management of real estate funds. Here too, regular and detailed information of partners is a priority. Constant monitoring of all the service providers commissioned by the investment companies also means having a permanent control of all costs. The successful modernization, upkeep and complete restructuring of company-owned real estate are an integral part of fund management. The development and implementation of utilisation models are among the core competences of our group. Thanks to our outstanding expertise we also analyse foreign fund concepts and take on the restructuring of investment companies. To date, we have always carried out successfully restructuring assignments.


Asset Management

In the field of asset management, we channel together all the services of asset management, portfolio management and lease management. This includes residential real estate as well as commercial real estate, including both new and existing buildings. We give proof of our great competence also in the lease services of our managed real estate. The lease rate of all the property we manage amounts to 99%. Based on the great successes achieved so far we are convinced that our active and targeted management has allowed us to increase the performance of the portfolio that we manage, generating above-average returns for our investors and shareholders. We are sure that we will continue to do so. We can rely on an extraordinary knowledge of the respective local markets. Our asset and property Management is also suitable for small-scale and difficult real estate portfolios.


To increase the flow of capital and the value of the real estate assets, we rely among other things on the following management tools:

  • Fast rental
  • Active control of building management
  • Rent management
  • Fast and successful receivables management
  • Permanent budget controlling
  • Transparent and regular reporting
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair
  • Modernisation for yield enhancement
  • Current control and change of financing structures